Certified Loose Diamonds by Martin Nagel – Jewellery Manufacturers

At Martin Nagel Jewellers, we believe in educating you and helping you make an informed decision when it comes to your special diamond. We will explain the 4-C’s to you so that when you consider your diamond you do so with confidence. All our diamonds come with an Independent Laboratory Certificate for your peace of mind

At a young age Martin Nagel decided jewellery was going to play a big part in his future … In 1996 Martin moved to the North West province to start his apprenticeship as a goldsmith and develop the skill of hand crafted jewellery. Two years later he moved back to Johannesburg where he worked as an apprentice for another two companies to broaden his knowledge before qualifying as a goldsmith. During these years he built up valuable experience in different aspects of the trade and was involved in various interesting projects ranging from a 24ct gold heart shaped hand bag to a life size 24ct gold Magnum wine bottle.

He was also involved in making 24kt Gold trophies for international sport events.